King of Vert - Ethiopia

King of Vert - Ethiopia


Roast: Light city - city roast.

Country/origin: Ethiopian - Guji Majo

Processed: Natural

Tasting Notes: berry / sweet melon, milk chocolate, smooth.

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King of Vert is a our seasonal Ethiopian offering and is dependent on which beans are available from a select group of farms. Roasted to perfection to bring out the unique flavors inherent in a naturally processed bean harvested at a high altitude. King of Vert will be one of the most unique cups of coffee you will ever experience as you are hit with notes of various fresh fruits and berries then transitioning into flavors of sweet honey, dark chocolate and roasted almonds.

Fun Fact: “Naturally processed” is the process where the fruit is left to dry on the bean, which in turn can change the flavor drastically. This means the flavor is not always the most consistent between batches, but it’s always delicious and unique.