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Hand Selected, Hand Roasted

Perfecting coffee, one batch at a time


The Racing Roastery

The Racing Roastery is proud to currently offer 2 standard roasts and a rotation of a seasonal bean.

Our non-seasonal staples are a Panamanian and Kenyan, each roasted to its own perfection to bring out the unique flavors of regions they were grown in.

Our seasonal coffee is an Ethiopian one. Naturally processed and full bodied with notes of watermelon, honey, and ripe berries.

Our batches are small, and in some cases very limited, given our high standards in the bean selection process. We wont sell an inferior coffee, which is all the more reason to grab a bag to bask in its delicious glory.


The Good Stuff

Check out what we currently have in stock. This could change quickly and without any warning as we roast to order. None of that sitting around on a shelf waiting to bought…cause that’s how we roll.


“Hey don’t be intimidated by those guys out there.

Just go for it.”

— Rick Moliterno —

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About Us

We work hard, we ride hard, quote 80’s movies, and we just want good coffee… is that too much to ask for? After years of trying to find that perfect cup of Joe, and being somewhat unsuccessful at it, the thought occurred to us: “What if we buy the raw beans ourselves and spend way too much time and effort learning how to control every aspect of the coffee making experience in order to satisfy our carnal desire of sipping on a delicious blend of our own creation?”

Did I mention spending way too much time and effort? Oh yes, i see it right there in the above paragraph.

We produce small wonderful batches based on how many pounds of raw beans we are able to obtain from our selected growers. We then test each batch to find out how best to roast the beans to create the best product possible. Each batch is unique and is hand roasted to its own perfection. Once a batch is sold out, we then go hunting for the next batch and the process starts all over again. It’s somewhat tedious, yes, we know this, but it’s what we do and love.

Ride Fast, Drink Slow.